S.No Item Price
1 Chicken Breast Boneless As Per Market
2 Chicken Thai Boneless As Per Market
3 Chicken Full leg As Per Market
4 Chicken Tangdi Moti As Per Market
5 Chicken Wings As Per Market
6 Chicken Tangdi Chhoti As Per Market
7 Chicken Heart As Per Market
8 Chicken Liver As Per Market
9 Chicken Gejact As Per Market
10 Chicken Lollypop Half & Full As Per Market
11 Chicken Breast Batti As Per Market
12 Chicken Keema As Per Market
13 Chicken Tikka As Per Market
14 Chicken Kalmi As Per Market
15 Chicken Bone As Per Market


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Dealing Office

Dealing Office:- A-48 & 50,Fish Market Gazipur, Delhi-110096.

Phone:- 011-65001320

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Our Branches

Iqbal & Company:- A-62, Fish Market, Ghazipur, Delhi-110096

Limra Chicken:- Hodi No.1 Sloughter House, Ghazipur, Delhi-110096
Akhtar Nawab & Co:- Shop No.16 Poultry Market, Ghazipur, Delhi-110096
Sonipat Poultry Market:- Shop No.85, Poultry Market, Ghazipur, Delhi-110096